Around the world

Sexual harassment exists everywhere in the world, but so does the determination to end it.

We are currently piloting a new system that makes it easier for other groups to adapt and adopt our system. If you want to know more about replicating our model in your country, contact us on [email protected].

Since we started in 2010, individual activists, NGOs, and networks of NGOs from all around the world have asked us to help them start their own HarassMap-inspired initiative in their own country.

We got a lot of help and support when we were starting up, and we want to do the same for others. That is why we coach everyone who asks for help, thinking through how to plan their program, sharing our experiences and the technical skills and contacts that we have. Together, we are part of creating a global movement of HarassMap-inspired initiatives against sexual harassment.

These are some of the amazing initiatives that are already up and working:

Safe City is a platform that crowdsources personal stories of sexual harassment and abuse in public spaces in India.

Harasstracker is an online tool to track and document sexual harassment in Lebanon.

Ramallah Street Watch is working with reporting sexual harassment and with supporting survivors in Palestine.

Resist Harassment is working against sexual harassment in Lebanon.

Safe Streets has a sexual harassment reporting and alerting system in Yemen.

Bijoya has a reporting system, and is working to raise awareness in order to prevent sexual harassment in Bangladesh.

Name and Shame is working against sexual harassment in Pakistan and has a reporting system against it.

Women Under Siege is documenting sexualized violence in Syria.

Akshara/HarassMap India is working against sexual harassment in India.

SawtNsaa is working against sexual harassment in Algeria.

Activists and organizations in over 80 countries, including Jordan, Libya, Turkey, South Africa, US, Canada, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Cambodia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Kenya, Sudan, UK, India, Nigeria, and a cross-national group from South America are currently also working to set up their version of HarassMap.