Incident happened on 05/11/2010 at 7:44PM

at bridge from rd 9 to rd 7 just across from villa 55 on road 9, Cairo, Cairo (29.951370 31.262970)

Hi, I work on road 7 in maadi and have to take the bridge over the train tracks every day, Its the bride on road 9 just across from villa 55. Something happens on there almost every day.
I will start with yesterday, one of the girls from work was walking over (american/egyptian) and a guy pulled out his penis and started to play with himself. A month ago a guy tried to grab a mother (canadian) coming to pick up her child from school. A month before that a guy grabbed one of the girls from works roommate. She actually chased after him and beat him up. A couple of months before that another mother was indecently exposed. There really needs to be a guard on this bridge as women are being harassed on there far to often.

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