Incident with intervention happened on 17/06/2020 at 3:00PM

at basyoun city,egypt, basyoun (30.939870 30.817580)

I was buying groceries in basyoun city but since I do not live in egypt I do not know the places so I asked a tuktuk driver to take me to a supermarket. On the way he picked his guy friends despite telling him that I am not okay with people coming in since I took this tuktuk alone but he instead made fun of my broken arabic accent and made fun of me speaking french on the phone. I realised that they have been going around the place for so long and came to a weird stop, I felt uncomfortable and begged them to let me leave and not harm me and in return I will give them all a good amount of cash. He and his friends then started touching me and telling me to stop playing hard to get. I kept fighting back and crying they then told me do not worry we will not have sex with you we are just having fun. One of them was smoking weed as well, I screamed so loud until finally 2 guys passing by heard. They threw me out of the tuktuk and quickly drove off. These 2 men then helped me go to the police station where I was treated like crap and made it sound like its my fault. I am traumatised and I am seeing a doctor now for this incident.

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Categories Touching Mob Sexual Harassment Sexual Assault
Intervention Offered assistance to harassed person proactively Responded positively to harassed person's request for help Served as witness against harasser when filing police report Expressed sympathy with the harassed person


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