Our reporting and mapping system is a tool for everyone in Egypt to anonymously share their stories of experiencing, witnessing, or intervening against sexual harassment.

how to report

How does it work?

Reporting is open for everyone. You can choose to report an incident of sexual harassment or an intervention - when someone intervened to stop a sexual harassment incident or supported the harassed person.

We map the reports online, and each report appears on the map as a dot. When you click on the dot, the full information of the report is displayed. Looking at the map gives you an overview of where we have received reports of sexual harassment, and the individual reports show the reality and scope of sexual harassment and assault in Egypt.

View the reports here

What difference does it make?

Every report is evidence that we use to:

  • Put an end to stereotypes that blame the harassed and make excuses for the harasser.
  • Make people understand that sexual harassment is a crime that has serious consequences.
  • Build campaigns to change perceptions about sexual harassment and convince people to take action against it.
  • Equip our volunteers and partners with information that they use to create zero-tolerance attitudes and behaviour in schools, universities, workplaces, and the streets.

Together, these things work to convince people that sexual harassment is a serious problem and that we all need to take action against it. 

Reporting is anonymous. If you've logged in, only your user name is used on the website, never your real name or email address.